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Choose from our Carhartts for Men, Carhartts for Women or Carhartts for Kids categories. Find discount Carhartts clothing on sale including Carhartts Jackets, Carhartts Jeans, Carhartts Bibs, and Carhartts Shirts. Carhartts has built their brand with no nonsense durable clothing for more than 100 years. The loyalty and brand recognition for Carhartts by the "American worker" is almost as long standing as the history of the company.

Carhartts sought to build their brand with the "American worker" in mind. Carhartts clothing is designed to take you from season to season, providing exceptional comfort, warmth, and fit every step of the way. That's why Carhartts offers such a wide range of linings in their garments. Each is engineered to provide a specific level of comfort and warmth depending on the garments's usage. So no matter what the temperature is, there's a Carhartts clothes lining that meets your needs. Carhartts linings include Arctic Quilt, Quilted Flannel, Blanket, Midweight Quilt, and Thermal.
Carhartts Outlet Mission
Today Carhartts clothing still sets industry standards for quality, toughness and durability ...It still leads the way in comfort ...It protects like no other ever has. The Carhartts name stands for the very best in rugged outdoor clothing. From coats, jackets and shirts to coveralls, bibs and bottoms, from Carhartts Arctic Wear to Carhartts Accessories, you'll discover the superior craftsmanship, performance, comfort and attention to detail that has set Carhartts apart since 1889 ...if the apparel carries the name Carhartts, the performance will be legendary. Over one hundred years since its beginning, Carhartts, Inc. employs over 2,500 people and manufactures a full line of rugged clothing. Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, Carhartts, Inc. has manufacturing plants located in Illinois, Tennessee and Kentucky. Most of the Carhartts clothing line is constructed of duck, a rugged, canvas-like material made from 100% cotton.