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Mauer's Quickswing PX4 Baseball Hitting Training Aid PX4

Mauer's Quickswing PX4 Baseball Hitting Training Aid PX4

The Quickswing PX4 is a baseball training aid designed to help you develop a better swing. Ideal for all ages and ability levels, the Mauer Quickswing adjusts to varying heights and degrees of difficulty.The Mauer's QuickSwing uses a unique delayed gravity-drop design to help batters develop greater bat speed, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and muscle memory. A new autofeed design allows the hitter to load up to 12 baseballs, 14 small training balls, or 8 softballs and cycle them out every 6,8, or 10 seconds. Portable and durable, the Mauer's Quickswing PX4 is great for use at home, at practice, or when you're traveling with the team.
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Features include:
  • Delayed Gravity Drop Design
  • Helps Develop Greater Bat Speed, Hand Eye Coordination, Reflexes and Muscle Memory
  • Great For All Ages And Abilities
  • Adjusts To Varying Degrees Of Difficulty
  • Can Be Used For Baseball Or Softball
  • Delivers A Ball Moving Downward
  • Autofeed Design - Allows For Up To 12 Baseballs, 14 Training Balls, or 8 Softballs
  • Cycles Out Pitches In 6, 8 , or 10 Second Intervals
  • Adjustable Heights
  • Portable And Durable

Manufacturer: Mauer's Quickswing


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