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Smart Wool Socks a brief History

The Smart Wool Company has come a long way since founders, Peter and Patty Duke, first created the Smart Wool brand. After having spent countless winters skiing in synthetic socks as New England ski instructors, Peter and Patty began to grow tired of their feet being consistently cold, sweaty and smelly. Long days on the slopes and rugged activity, often ended in discomfort and dissatisfaction with the use of traditional socks.

Stories of a miracle fiber, with natural wicking and insulating properties, enticed the Dukes to search the globe for a better solution. The couple ended up in New Zealand, where the Human Population was a mere 3.8 million, compared to the stunning Sheep Population of 66.8 million. It was here, amongst all of the New Zealand sheep, that the Smart Wool founders discovered the now famous, New Zealand Merino.

Smart Wool Socks and The Merino

The Merino is a fine-wooled white sheep, originating in Spain. After having been introduced to the Australian continent in the late 1700’s, today Merino Wool has become the ultimate wool fiber for premier textile products. The Merino produces a heavy fleece of exceptional quality that is extremely soft, resembling the texture of cashmere. In addition to comfort, Merino wool provides resilience, natural thermal properties, long lasting durability and appearance retention.

Merino Wool keeps your skin dry by allowing the sweat vapors through, before the sweat becomes wetness on your skin. The natural wicking properties of merino wool helps prevent blistering and to date, is the best natural fiber for socks. Traditional wool socks had their drawbacks, until Smart Wool made wool socks superior, through the use of Merino wool.

Only the finest merino fiber is selected for Smart Wool and the Smart Wool product line. Smart Wool sheep are raised on "Smart Stations" in the alpine regions of the South Island of New Zealand. Smartwool’s "Smart Stations" are chosen because of their selective breeding practices, which yield super strong, super soft Merino. This Merino fiber is then made "Smart" by the technicians at Smartwool. The "Smart" process enhances all the natural qualities of Merino while making it itch-free, machine washable, dryable, and resistant to shrinkage. The end result is a perfect next to skin fiber, made from all natural components.

Smart Wool Socks and Your Skin

Your skin is the most complex organ you have and it’s primary function is protection. Skin is a tough, elastic, flexible, and waterproof covering that helps protect other organs and body parts from such things as germs, heat, cold and sunlight. But even your skin can't battle the fierce nature of the great outdoors. So, what's the best thing next to your skin to protect you from Mother Nature's unpredictable temperament?...Smart Wool.

Smart Wool uses only the finest merino wool to create comfortable, reliable apparel without the itching that other wools have. Smart wool socks are designed to never make you too warm, too cold or wet. Smart Wool works with your skin, to create a breathable, moisture wicking socks and clothing that pulls sweat away from the skin, ensuring comfortable, dry performance. Shop Smart Wool Hunting SocksIn addition, all Smart Wool products showcase anti-odor and anti-bacterial construction for maximum performance under any condition.