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Smartwool Wool Expertise

Smartwool Socks Expertise SmartWool: Wool Expertise
It's not only the SmartWool fiber that makes our products so comfortable and high-performance. It's also the technology behind it. SmartWool is the world leader in performance wool products. In business for more than 10 years, the company pioneered the wool performance category with its socks, perfecting the no itch, no shrink approach to wool performance base-layers.
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Though the fiber is at the root of this success, everything from the company's relationship with its growers to its knowledgeable staff comes into play in SmartWool's award-winning products. it starts where the material is sourced high in the alpine environments of New Zealand. SmartWool is one of very few companies in the world the works directly with a raw materials producer for its products. Our growers have generations of experience and work to SmartWool's specifications to product the finest wool in the world for socks and performance base layers.

SmartWool's experienced staff also plays a starring role in SmartWool's accolades. Wool is not an easy fiber to work with, requiring extensive design work to weave into high-performance socks and base layers. While synthetic products can easily be mass produced, working with wool entails attention to detail every step of the way. SmartWool's designers know every single characteristic of wool fiber and how to parlay that into functional and comfortable end products. Out product developers and sourcing teams have all worked with wool and other natural fibers long before joining the SmartWool team, and this experience shows itself every time you put on one of our products.
SmartWool . . . Extraordinary performance, and even more Extraordinary Comfort.
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