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Smartwool Fiber FAQs

Smartwool Socks FAQs Smartwool Fiber FAQs

1. How can SmartWool keep me cool in the summer?

Answer: SmartWool fiber always keeps cooler than your skin. When the fabric and your skin touch, the heat moves to the fabric (from high to low temperature or humidity) acting as a coolant. SmartWool keeps your body cool by keeping either your skin or foot and clothing or shoe-lining dry. For feet, sweaty equals uncomfortable. SmartWool wicks and evaporates moisture far better than any fiber – synthetic or cotton. As your body heats up through exercise, the wicking evaporation rate of SmartWool increases as well. This same concept applies to SmartWool’s base layers – by keeping your body dry you stay cool and comfortable in varying conditions.
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2. Can you explain Optimum Body Temperature?

Answer: Optimum Body Temperature (OBT) is the temperature at which your body performs most efficiently during any physical activity. There are three distinct phases during any physical activity: (1) a heating up period before reaching OBT (2) maintaining OBT throughout the activity and (3) as activity diminishes, a gradual cooling off period. If the Optimum Body Temperature is not properly regulated throughout the heating up, maintaining and cooling down process, the athlete runs the risk of muscle damage.

3. Why doesn’t SmartWool itch?

Answer: SmartWool feels good because the super soft New Zealand merino fiber we use has been grown to our specifications, and then we apply the Smart Technology making it completely itch free. The natural crimp in the SmartWool fiber makes it feel springy and comfortable on your feet, wear after wear.

4. Doesn’t synthetic also wick moisture?

Answer: All synthetic can do is wick, or move moisture from one side to another – with socks , moisture moves from your foot to the lining of your shoe. The result: wet shoes, wet synthetic socks and wet, uncomfortable feet. With synthetic apparel, moisture moves from your body to your shell. The result: wet, clammy environment, wet apparel and wet skin. SmartWool is a hollow core fiber with microscopic air pockets that wick, absorb and evaporate moisture in a vapor state as well as insulate against extreme heat and cold. These properties allow SmartWool to use your body heat to convert moisture into vapor, and allow the vapor to evaporate in the air.

5. Isn’t cotton best for hot weather activities?

Answer: No, it is even worse than synthetics. Aside from being an abrasive fiber, cotton gets wet and stays wet, holding moisture close to your skin. Your feet get hot and become tender. Cotton socks are the quickest route to blistered feet. SmartWool’s ability to keep feet and shoe linings dry is vital for prevention of blisters.

6. What’s the difference between SmartWool and merino wool?

Answer: Merino is nice, but it’s not SmartWool. SmartWool’s technology eliminates shrinking. SmartWool is safe for maching washing and drying. SmartWool products are softer than other merino wools, are guaranteed not to itch and they outperform any other product on the market.
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