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Smartwool Socks Fiber

Smartwool Socks Fiber Fiber Up and Close
There is no other fiber quite like SmartWool. It is unique. This is due to its inherent properties and the application of “Smart Technology” by SmartWool comfort engineers. Before we talk about how and why SmartWool is so comfortable, let’s take a closer at the make-up of a SmartWool fiber.
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Resilience: SmartWool fiber is made up of 90% keratin, a very resilient protein which is resistant to chemical and bacterial attack, naturally flame retardant and able to withstand the rigours of everyday wear and tear.

Diameter: SmartWool fibers have a very fine micron, being between one-tenth and one-third the thickness of a human hair, making SmartWool exceptionally soft and comfortable.

Protection: Each SmartWool fiber has a waxy coating of cuticle cells, which helps reel water as a liquid but lets water move through in a vapor state and ultimately be evaporated out into the atmostphere.

Crimp: The two cells found in the outer layer of Merino fiber are believed to cause the crimp or wave. Is is this crimp that created the natural stretch in SmartWool fabrics and forms thousands of tiny pockets of air to promote a personal microclimate between fabric and skin.

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