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Smartwool Socks Odor-Free

Smartwool Socks Odor Free Temperature Control: Smartwool Fiber VS Synthetic
With regard to temperature control let’s compare SmartWool fiber with a synthetic like polypropylene: SmartWool fiber shows more favorable heat emission than polypropylene so you experience improved thermal regulation. Lower heat retention in SmartWool fiber means your core temperature stays lower so lactate build-up does not occur as readily. As a result, the maximum stress threshold stays high when wearing SmartWool fiber so ultimately the wearer can work harder for longer.
THE RESULT: more comfort across all conditions.
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Odor FREE:
The bacteria that cause odor can’t build up on the SmartWool fiber. This means that even during intensive activity over extended periods of time you stay “fresher” for longer.

Smartwool Fiber VS Synthetic
The science is very simple, in fact this is how odor comparison tests are conducted by many major research facilities. Wear a synthetic sock on one foot, a SmartWool sock on the other. Do this for 48 hours (go cycling, hiking, bouldering for a proper test). Let your nose be the judge. (Be careful though, the smells from the synthetics can be quite alarming!)
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