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Smartwool User & Athlete Tested Smartwool Socks: User & Athlete Tested
More than merino sheep test SmartWool's products. From the very beginning, SmartWool has been tried and tested by athletes looking for a better solution to conventional materials. Company founder was a ski instructor who tried every type of sock for skiing but couldn't find anything to keep his feet warm and dry. So he experimented around, learned how to make it soft and non-shrink and voila! SmartWool was born. He then gave out the socks to his friends, many of whom were ski instructors and former U.S. ski team members. Their feedback perfected the first products and led to SmartWool's current position today.
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That position hasn't changed. The company's location- in the mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado-continues to create the perfect testing ground for SmartWool's products. Whether mountain biking, hiking or trail running the beautiful mountains of the Northwest Colorado, or cross country skiing, snow boarding or alpine skiing down the town's world-class ski resort, the company's home is the perfect place to test gear. The company's outdoorsy location also creates another benefit: the town attracts a wide range of world-class athletes, many of whom eagerly test SmartWool's latest and greatest wool offerings. World champion skiers help develop SmartWool's ski socks, top tri-athletes help test running and cycling socks, professional mountain bikers help create cycling socks, and adventure racers and ultra runners lend their expertise to the company's adrenaline socks.
The model is simple: Top performers seek top performance. If you build the best products, the best athletes will seek you out. Unlike many other companies, SmartWool doesn't pay athletes to wear its products. They wear them because they want to and because they work. How much do they like our socks and base layers? Much of our product feedback comes from athletes sponsored by other companies-people who choose to use our product while getting paid to use others. We've even had athletes write into their contracts that they still be allowed to use SmartWool socks. The reason is simple. When it comes to comfort and performance, they know nothing but the best will do.
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