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Smartwool Socks Versatile

Smartwool Socks Versatile Versatile: Comfortable Performance In All Conditions
SmartWool regulates your body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. No other fiber can match SmartWool’s ability to retain necessary heat while removing any excess that may cause fatigue or discomfort. Tiny pockets of air, providing a buffering layer of natural air cooling or warming. SmartWool’s natural climate control ensures comfortable performance in all conditions.
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Smartwool fibers naturally create millions of tiny pockets of air, providing a buffering layer of natural climate control. This natural buffering capacity helps the body maintain a table core temperature as it insulates the wearer against high ambient temperatures in hot conditions and keeps the wearer warm by minimizing heat loss in cool and damp conditions.

In hot humid conditions, SmartWool fibers remain cooler than the body. As a SmartWool garment touches the skin, heat is transferred to the garment, acting as a coolant.

In cold climatic conditions, SmartWool fabrics actively generate heat through the ‘heat of sorption’ response i.e. SmartWool fibers are like small betteries, as they absorb moisture they release stored molecular energy in the form of body warming heat, perceptible in cooler ambient conditions. As the fiber dries and moisture is released, the energy is renewed and replaced.
Lactate build up: When you exercise, your body’s internal temperature rises as oxygen transfer decreases. This makes your muscles work harder, triggering lactic acid production. This results in fatigue, muscle pain, and even cramps. By allowing heat exchange, the body’s internal temperature increases more slowly, impending build-up of lactate in the muscle.
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