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Smartwool versus Wool

Smartwool VS Wool SmartWool versus Wool
Selective Breeding:
Only the finest merino fiber is selected to become SmartWool. We regularly visit our growers in New Zealand and pay close attention to the breeding lines. Our sheep are raised under the most stringent of guidelines and all SmartWool fiber is selected to minimize or eliminate coarse fibers. SmartWool sheep are free range and live in a pristine, earth-friendly environment, which also contributes to the high quality of Smartwool fiber.
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Light and airy, feels good: It is a combination of the fine micron (fiber diameter), natural crimp and smart technology that gives SmartWool it’s light and airy feel. In essence we have taken the itch out of wool. Through our process of stringent fiber quality specifications and smart technology, we ensure no itch causing (high micron) fibers make it into SmartWool products. Itchy wool typically occurs when the micron range is above 30 microns. All SmartWool fibers are far below this micron range, which is why SmartWool fiber is incredibly comfortable and soft to the touch.
In summary, the unique comfort properties of the SmartWool fiber:
  • SmartWool fibers have the unique ability to absorb moisture as a vapor but repel it as a liquid
  • SmartWool fiber helps regulate your body’s temperature, keeping you cool when it’s hot and hot when it’s cool
  • SmartWool resists bacteria, which can cause odor
  • The SmartWool fiber’s fine micron and the application of “smart technology” makes it very soft and extraordinarily comfortable
  • SmartWool fiber can withstand the rigors of everyday wear and tear
  • SmartWool wearers stay more comfortable, allowing them to keep having fun!
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