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Thorlo PerformanceThorlo Performance

At Thorlo we know that when your feet are comfortable, you can perform better - and have more fun - in any sport or activity. Each pair of Thorlos® socks uses varying densities of padding to accommodate the demands of a particular sport or activity. Spandex and nylon are also important components of Thorlos®, so you won't ever have to stop in the middle of the action to pull up sagging socks.
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Do Thorlos come in natural fibers - like cotton or wool?
Let's deal with one at time. Cotton is a great fiber for outer apparel. It is cool and breathable; and it feels good next to the skin. Unfortunately, in the closed environment of a shoe, it becomes the enemy of the foot. During activities both mild and vigorous, the foot perspires. Cotton is what is called a hydrophilic fiber - it attracts and absorbs moisture. As the cotton fiber gets wet, the fabric collapses and loses all of its protective capabilities. This of course can lead to blisters and other foot issues, and it's why you will NOT find cotton in Thorlos, except in the tops of a few of our styles (but never in the foot). We put it in the tops to help absorb perspiration that may run down the leg before it gets into the shoe or boot.
Wool is also a great fiber. It has excellent insulating capabilities, and it retains those capabilities when it gets wet. Unfortunately, wool is easily abraded - it is not particularly durable. Like cotton, it too tends to absorb water. It will dry fairly quickly when exposed to the air; but again, in the closed environment of a shoe, like cotton, wool tends to absorb water, the fabric collapses, and it loses its protective capabilities. Many of the Thorlos outdoor products have some wool content; but we blend wool with other high performance fibers that retain their protective resilience to provide insulating capabilities without sacrificing protection and durability.

Will the thickness of Thorlos require an increase in my shoe size?
In about 80% of the cases, yes. Studies have shown that most people tend to wear shoes that are too small for them. Thorlos offer various levels of protection for sports and activities based on the intensity of the activity specific demands placed on your feet. Thorlos offer lightweight, mid-weight and heavy weight padding in activity specific and sport specific designs. The various padding weights and the location of the padding provide appropriate levels of protection for the sports and activities in which you participate (for example, golf is not as demanding on the feet as tennis, so Golf Thorlos have mid-weight padding, while Tennis Thorlos have heavy weight padding). It is important that the shoes you wear are large enough to accommodate the extra thickness of Thorlos. For the best outcome and to achieve full benefit from Thorlos, activity and sport specific footwear should be fitted with Thorlos activity and sport specific sock products on your feet. No one wants to feel that their shoes are too tight - that leads to discomfort and less than optimal performance. Follow our fitting tips to get your best Thorlos fit.
Thorlo Performance Thorlo Performance