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Thorlo socks differentiate themselves from their competitors in one, clear way. Thorlo socks are the most densely padded socks on the sock market today. It is rare that a clinically-tested sock, proven to have favorable medical benefits, can be purchased at such great prices while providing such exceptional value. Thorlo thick pad socks offer just that: a real medical benefit at an amazing value. Thorlo clinically-tested, padded socks (notated as heavy padded socks or socks with a 'medical cross' icon) have been proven to reduce foot pain, incidence of foot blisters, uncomfortable moisture and relieve of foot pressure. Thorlo takes their socks very seriously. The folks at Thorlo say "We don't make socks ...We protect your feet". For people who experience foot pain, we 100% recommend Thorlo socks. For the past 17 years, Thorlo has been a sock brand dedicated to providing customers with comfort and padded protection. Thorlo sock wearers can enjoy Preventive•Foot•Health™ with the help of Thorlo's extensive line of sport specific socks and lifestyle socks.

Thorlo Engineered Padded Technology

Engineered Padded Technology is the technology central to the design and mission of Thorlo socks: thick pads to protect and go beyond what you would expect from wearing a competitor's "thick" or heavily padded sock. Engineered Padded Technology is integral to the clinical recognition Thorlo's thick padded socks have won. The folks at Thorlo are experts when it comes to what your feet experience while engaged in sport, or just general, everyday stress like prolonged standing or foot swelling. Thorlo designers have knit their socks to respond to how and where, anatomically, you need pads the most—the "hard spots" within your shoes. These spots are sometimes called strike zones. Strike zones are the places where your foot naturally experiences repetitive impact and/or sheering. Thorlo socks address these strike zones by knitting thicker density pads in these areas. Engineered Padded Technology goes beyond to also consider the specific activity or need of the wearer. Thorlo TX tennis socks, for example, have increased padding over the top of the toe where the short stops and starts of court sports can injure an athlete. That's what Thorlo calls "engineered padded technology" and what we call a smart, high-performing, well-wearing sock.
Thorlo Socks Clinically Tested Padding Thorlo Socks Interior View

Thorlo Socks ...for feet that hurt

Thorlo Socks For Feet That HurtThorlo clinically-tested, thick-padded socks have exceptionally lofty padding for peopleThorlo Socks Clinically Tested whose feet hurt during or after activity. These socks are made in activity-specific designs (e.g., running socks, walking socks, golf socks, hiking socks, tennis socks). They're perfect for anyone who wants maximum protection to reduce the chances of injury and to protect the fat pads on their feet. The padding within Thorlo socks has been clinically shown to reduce blisters, foot pain, pressures, and moisture. Wearing Thorlo socks will allow you to play longer, better and safer and enjoy your activity more. Thick density, clinically tested Thorlo socks provide the greatest level of protection and comfort found anywhere today. This is what made the brand famous. Some of our long-time customers have come to call these "Classic Thorlos."

Thorlo Socks ...for feet that don't hurt

Thorlo Socks For Feet That Do Not HurtThorlo lite-padded socks, or "Socks for Feet that Don't Hurt, are thinner than the socks thatThorlo Socks Lite Padded fall into the Clinically-Tested Padded Socks category and are intended to provide protection without bulk. Thorlos Lite Padded, and Experia socks are made in a lightweight frame, yet still offer some protection from injury. While we recommend our thick protection Thorlo socks to everyone for maximum protection and comfort, we recognize some activities place much less stress on the foot. We also realize that many younger athletes and runners prefer to actually "feel more of the road" as they run. For these customers, we recommend thin padding or lite-padded Thorlo socks or the socks offered within the Thorlo Socks Experia line. Experia socks are designed and manufactured by Thorlo and offer a truly lightweight sock frame with densely cushioned pads only where you strike (the ball and heel of your foot). We offer Experia socks in an assortment of colors and sizes corresponding with your favorite running shoes or sneakers.

Thorlo Socks: Activity-Specific Design

Every Thorlo sock is designed with a specific activity in mind. Placement and pad density is considered. Thorlos ever-popular XJ Running sock, for example, has targeted, thick padding in the strike zones specifically hit when running. Thorlo XJ Running Crew Socks are also made to fit comfortably in most running shoes. The result? Decreased incidence of blisters, impact-related injuries, and increased overall comfort.

Foot kinetics differ by activity; therefore no single design cannot provide you with the best possible foot protection for multiple sports. That's why Thorlo socks have invested in the research & design of 32 different applications of their padding for 32 different activities. We know of no other sock brand that goes to this cost and effort to help you perform your best. Each Thorlo sock has a reason for being. Some are ideal for folks suffering from Arthritis or Diabetes. Thorlos sport-specific designs are among the best Basketball socks, Running socks, Aerobic socks, Golf socks, Walking socks, Tennis socks, Hiking socks, Skiing socks, and Hunting socks available today.

Each Thorlo sock frame is also knit to consider the shoe the wearer might be using. Thorlos MCB Combat socks fit will within boots. Thorlo GMX Golf socks work comfortably when paired with traditional Golf shoes. Most Thorlo sock designs are also available in a variety of heights (for example, the JMX Mini-Crew Sock is a shorter version of the XJ crew sock) so the wearer may choose the sock best suited for them. That's what we call custom sock selection.

Thorlo Socks Acrylic YarnTHOR•LON® Acrylic: Thorlo's trademark acrylic yarn, exclusively developed for Thorlos sock construction. "Trapped" perspiration in the shoe environment tends to flatten or crush common acrylic yarns. THORLON acrylics are specially spun to maintain both softness and resilience. The result is maximized foot comfort, blister protection, and increased sock durability.

Thorlo Socks Merino Wool SilkMerino Wool/Silk: Thorlo blends their imported "wild" silk with soft and resilient shrink-treated merino wool to produce an incredibly warm, high-performing sock. Thorlo's wool blends are found in popular Experia, Outdoor, and Ski Thorlo sock lines. Silk enhances the softness, durability, and pill resistance of natural wool, making Thorlo Merino wool superior in comfort, warmth, and durability.
Thorlo Socks Thor-Wick CoolThor-Wick® Cool: Thor-Wick Cool technology is unique because it enables moisture to reach the fabric's outer surface, where it evaporates quickly, instead of making feet wet. The thermoregulatory effect of moisture transport helps keeps skin temperature low, allowing your feet to feel cooler and more comfortable. Modified cross sections of padded socks made with Thor-Wick Cool fiber create a large surface area compared with cotton fiber. The larger the surface, the faster the rate of evaporation, and that evaporation causes cooling. Thor-Wick Cool fiber contributes to the durability of Thorlo socks. Its moisture-management performance is inherent in the fiber structure itself, and cannot be washed off. The Ultimate Thor-Wick Cool Padded Sock Experience: Keep Your Feet Dry and Comfortable.

Nylon: Introduced by DuPont as a "miracle" fiber, stretch nylon makes everything Thorlos does possible. Multiple size ranges, good fit and shape retention, along with durability, are key contributions made by various types of continuous filament nylon.

Thorlo Socks: Proprietary Fiber Blends

Thorlo has used 30+ years of research to create their proprietary (and celebrated) blended fiber: THORLON acrylic yarn. Thorlon is a unique and effective combination of synthetic fibers found nowhere else in the market. Thorlon yarn is the secret ingredient used to knit Thorlo sock's exceptional padding. Historically, acrylic yarns used by other sock manufacturers are effective at wicking moisture away, but then flatten and matt down immediately, sometimes as quickly as within the very first wear - enter Thorlon yarn.

Thorlon is a unique acrylic fiber blend that Thorlo has developed to achieve an uber-soft hand-feel, exceptional wicking power, and years of lofty, durable padding that won't flatten, thin, or sheer. Thus, each Thorlo sock is knit with fibers spun to offer you, the wearer, a combination of the utmost softness, resilience, and comfort. We know from years of customer feedback that the result is a sock that lasts and lasts…and lasts.
Thorlo socks offer long-term performance at a great price, no matter your needs.

Thorlo Socks: Consumer Testing

Quality Assurance Means No Buyer's Remorse. Each and every Thorlo sock is subjected to rigorous clinical and customer testing before it becomes available for sale. A large number of highly active participants, all heavily involved in the specific activity the sock is designed for, put their Thorlo socks through their paces. Testing continues for as long as necessary until all parties are absolutely sure that the sock is going to deliver the benefits promised. The result is overwhelmingly positive reviews about the value of Thorlo socks and some pretty happy Thorlo customers. Become one yourself with GoBros.com.