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" For the past 17 years, Thorlo socks has dedicated itself to understanding and applying comfort, which has produced a significant body of information on COMFORT·SCIENCE™ and its user benefit: Preventive·Foot·Health™. No one at Thorlo makes socks. There are lots of other people who do that. At Thorlo socks, every one of us is utterly convinced that we are about improving the quality of our customers' lives. Try some Thorlo socks and let us know what your experience is. Submit your own success story that tells us how Thorlo socks helped you. Our goal is to help you practice Preventive·Foot·Health™ with the help of our extensive line of Sports Specific Thorlos®. Explore site for in-depth answers to all your foot comfort questions, plus information on where and how to purchase the right Thorlos® socks for your needs.

Thorlo Levels: Protection Level 1 - Protection Level 2 - Protection Level 3

To eliminate confusion and to make it easier for you to select the right Thorlos to meet your needs, THOR·LO is introducing an entirely new way to think about having the right gear for your activity. We believe these simple designations will help focus THOR·LO's wide variety of activity specific styles into a format that allows you to quickly identify the Thorlos sock product that will best fit your specific activity needs. These new designations appear on the front of every package for easy reference and as a Protection Level Guide on the back. It will allow you to see the full range of styles and their associated protection levels.

Thorlo Protection Level 1Protection Level 1
Provides Maximum Protection without changing your shoe size for consumers that prefer a light weight product.

Thorlo Protection Level 2Protection Level 2
Provides Moderate Protection for those activities that are somewhat strenuous but are not of long duration.

Thorlo Protection Level 3Protection Level 3
Provides the Maximum Protection for the most rugged and challenging activities and weather conditions.

Thorlo Socks: Fibers

CoolMax®: The original high-performance moisture management fabric that helps move moisture away from the skin and keeps you cool, dry and comfortable. We generally use more CoolMax in our socks than other sock products.
Exclusive THOR•LON® Acrylic: Our trademark acrylic yarn is exclusively developed for our socks. "Trapped" perspiration in the shoe environment tends to flatten or crush common acrylic yarns. THORLON acrylics are specially spun to maintain both softness and resilience, which maximizes foot comfort, blister protection and product durability.
Extra Fine Merino Wool Blend: Extra fine Merino wool is a fiber with a unique combination of softness and resiliency. Combined with stretch nylon and polyester, these natural qualities are enhanced to provide better wicking characteristics, more durability and, ultimately, more comfort.
Thermolite®: Thermolite® by INVISTA is an excellent wicking fiber designed with an air-trapping hollow cross section that produces amazingly warm and comfortable OUTDOOR and SKI Thorlo socks. Thermolite® protects against overheating and keeps you warm even when wet with perspiration.
Wool/Silk: Imported "wild" silk is blended 50% with a soft, and resilient shrink treated wool to produce incredibly warm performance in OUTDOOR and SKI Thorlo socks. Silk enhances the moisture absorbency, insulating properties and pilling of natural 100% wool. Superior in comfort, warmth and durability.
Wool/THOR•LON®: This performance fiber blend is intended for active cold climate use. Designed for improved blister protection and comfort without sacrificing significant insulating properties of natural wool. The addition of 50% THOR•LON® acrylic improves loft, resiliency and greatly enhances moisture management qualities that 100% wool yarns alone cannot provide.
Worsted wool: This performance fiber blend is intended for active cold climate use. Designed for improved blister protection and comfort without sacrificing significant insulating properties of natural wool.
X-Static®: Silver is recognized in the medical community as the most effective antimicrobial agent available. X-Static uses pure silver to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi in products. It is also the only product that binds with and neutralizes odor-causing ammonia and denatured proteins.

Thorlo Socks: Padding

Thick Cushion: Our thick density padded Thorlo socks provide the greatest level of protection and comfort found anywhere today. This is what made the brand famous; some of our long-time customers have come to call these "Classic Thorlos".
Moderate Cushion: We make a moderate density sock product for activities that place less stress on the foot. We recommend these for short distance activities.
Thin Cushion: While we recommend our thick protection Thorlo socks to everyone for maximum protection and comfort, we recognize some activities place much less stress on the foot.

We also realize that many younger activity enthusiasts prefer to actually "feel more of the road" as they run. For these customers, we make thin cushioned Thorlo socks that provide more protection and comfort than any thin sock on the market.

CoolMax® Liner: This product is designed to be worn with Outdoor Thorlo socks. Worn alone, this product offers no protection. The CoolMax® construstion provides enhanced moisture management keeping the foot dry and cool.

Thorlo Socks: Preventive-Foot-Health

Foot pain is preventable. Thorlo has proven this with published scientific medical research. Thorlo consumers constantly tell us that with Thorlo socks, their feet really do feel better, and that they are able to perform better, longer and safer when wearing Thorlo socks. Some people have the perception that Thorlo socks are too thick, and make their shoes too tight. The reality is that only when Thorlo socks are purchased as a sock accessory is this true. The solution is simple: try on your Thorlo socks before you try on shoes. Just ask your retailer for a Thorlo Comfort·Fit.

Thorlo Socks: Comfort-Fit-System

Think of your feet, your Thorlo socks and your shoes as a system. Knowing what Thorlo knows about the destructive forces on your feet, Thorlo recommends buying and wearing your Thorlo socks and shoes together, as a Comfort•Fit system. This is the best way to get maximum comfort and protection for your feet. Once you try it, you'll experience the difference better feeling feet can make everyday or when performance is critical.

Thorlo Socks: Various Performance Fibers

THORLON ::: Acrylic yarns are exclusively developed for our Thorlo socks construction. “Trapped” perspiration in the shoe environment tends to “flatten” or crush down common acrylic yarns. Thorlon acrylics are specially spun to maintain both softness and resilience, which maximizes foot comfort, blister protection and product durability.
COOLMAX ::: Invista manufactures this fiber with a unique four-channeled cross section that produces a soft, cotton-like yarn with such superior moisture transport qualities that skin temperatures prove perceptibly cooler in comparison yarn testing. Thorlo socks with CoolMax provide excellent blister protection while keeping you comfortably cool.