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Thorlos Socks"For the past 17 years, Thorlos socks has dedicated itself to understanding and applying comfort, which has produced a significant body of information on COMFORT·SCIENCE™ and its user benefit: Preventive·Foot·Health™. No one at Thorlos makes socks. There are lots of other people who do that. At Thorlos socks, every one of us is utterly convinced that we are about improving the quality of our customers' lives. Try some Thorlos socks and let us know what your experience is. Submit your own success story that tells us how Thorlos socks helped you.

Our goal is to help you practice Preventive·Foot·Health™ with the help of our extensive line of Sports Specific Thorloss®. Explore site for in-depth answers to all your foot comfort questions, plus information on where and how to purchase the right Thorloss® socks for your needs.

Thorlos Socks: Preventive-Foot-Health

Foot pain is preventable. We have proven this with scientific research, and with our THORLO consumers. They constantly tell us that with Thorlos, their feet really do feel better. Our commitment is to help the public become more aware that foot pain is preventable at a relatively low cost.

Thorlos Socks: Thorlos First

Some people have the perception that Thorlos are too thick, and make their shoes too tight. The reality is that only when Thorlos are purchased as a sock accessory is this true. The solution is simple: try on Thorlos before you try on shoes. Just ask your retailer for a Thorlos Comfort ·Fit. Use our "Thorlos Retailer Locator" and we'll give you retailers near you. Don't forget to ask your retailer for a Thorlos Comfort·Fit.

Thorlos Socks: Comfort-Fit-System

Think of your feet, your Thorlos and your shoes as a system. Knowing what we know about the destructive forces on your feet, we recommend buying and wearing your Thorlos and shoes together, as a Comfort ·Fit system. This is the best way to get maximum comfort and protection for your feet. Once you try it, you'll see what we mean.