McDavid Lightweight Shoulder Support - Black 463
McDavid Lightweight Shoulder Support - Black 463 McDavid Lightweight Shoulder Support - Black 463

McDavid Lightweight Shoulder Support - Black 463

Manufacturer ID: 463
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The McDavid Lightweight Shoulder Support helps relieve pain caused by shoulder pulls and strains. Easily Adjustable, the 463 Lightweight Shoulder Support features Velcro straps that apply compression directly to the shoulder. Designed to fit the right or left shoulder, the McDavid Lightweight Shoulder strap is ideal for use during game time situations.

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Features include:

  • Relieves Pain Caused By Shoulder Pulls Or Strains
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Fits Either Shoulder

Manufacturer: McDavid

Manufacturer ID: 463

SKU: MCD463R_blk

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Support is easy to put on. Band around chest left a mark under arm. Husband has ALS and shoulder is separating. Helps some. Might need more support. Product is well made.
This McDavid support helped me throw the senior discus without the usual shoulder pain. It could have come with some instructions on how to adjust it, but I am otherwise satisfied.
This McDavid support works well during the day, hard for me to only wear for 2-3hrs as recommended. As a Mailman I could use all day on left arm (I'm sure all mailmen & women who utilize the LLV will atest to!). Not recommended to use a night when I could most use it. But it works well when I do, Glad I stumbled upon your site! Have recommended it to others!
Hurt rotater cuff playing football, and couldn't use shoulder for any sports, and I play in a basketball league. Amazing product. Bought it after reading the reviews, and the price didn't hurt, and was not let down. The shoulder brace fits nicely, and instantly relieves pain and pressure from the shoulder. The difference is crazy, without the brace, i can't lift my arm up, due to pain, however, with the brace, i got almost 100% motion with no pain. Highly recommend.
This McDavid Shoulder brace works well for me. Allows me to play racquetball with full range of motion and limits my pain during and afterwards.

I think the sizes might be a bit off. My chest size is 38 so I chose the medium size and yet the strap around my chest just barely fits. The arm portion is slightly big for me, but easily adjusted with the straps. I don't know if the arm portion would be bigger in the larger size which wouldn't work as well for me.
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