McDavid Shin Splint Support - Black 442

McDavid Shin Splint Support - Black 442

Manufacturer ID: 442
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The Shin Splint Support by McDavid, is a thermal neoprene wrap that provides therapeutic heat retention and compression to help relieve pain associated with shin splints. The 442 Shin Splint Support features a fully adjustable thermal wrap-around design and semi-tubular ribs over the front of the shin. Velcro closure ensures a comfortable, custom fit. One Size Fits All. Great for basketball, tennis, lacrosse, running and most fitness activities. Available in Black only.

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Features include:

  • Thermal neoprene sleeve retains warmth and promotes healing
  • 4-Way stretch
  • Contoured design for best fit

Manufacturer: McDavid

Manufacturer ID: 442

SKU: MCD442R_blk

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This McDavid product worked well for my daughter who had shin splints from basketball. At first she wasn't to impressed, but after wearing it for 1 week, she was pretty much fine. The only issue is there are no instructions on the proper wear, but pretty simple.
I got shin splints in 2004. I bought the McDavid Shin Supports soon after and I have not had a problem with my shin splints since. I gave them 4 stars because eventually the velcro will stop sticking to the neoprene. You can extend the wear of the supports by turning them upside down. That way the velcro has unused neoprene to attach to. I will continue to buy these supports as long as McDavid keeps making them.
I tore my medial gastrocnemius after years of playing basketball without stretching. With how little ligament was left upon recovery, my calf shrank from the size of a grapefruit to the size of a chicken egg. I'm serious. As a result, when I tried to return to playing ball, I quickly injured it. Finally, at someone's recommendation, I bought this shin splint brace. Lo and behold, I can now strap this bad boy on super tight and play at full capacity and full speed without injury!!! The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because of how quickly the velcro is losing its grip. I'll probably have to replace this unit every couple of months. But, hey, at least I didn't have to retire from my love.
This McDavid Shin support works great. I used to suffer from shin splints due to playing basketball 3 times a week. I used to ice my shins every night. I've had these for 7 months and there is no need to ice my shins anymore! Great product. Highly recommend it to anyone.
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! I run 20-25 miles a week and stand on concrete at work 10 hours per day in an auto repair shop. My shins take a beating and icing them worked only temporarily, but this brace made a tremendous improvement in my shin splints. Now I can run and do my job and not have any pain interfere with my busy schedule. GREAT PRODUCT!!
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