Hilly Mens TwinSkin Anklet Socks

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White/Electric Blue/Azure

We are happy to introduce Hilly's new and improved 2016 TwinSkin line which provides an urban runner with the ultimate anti-blister double-layer sock. With Drirelease engineered fabric blends, the TwinSkin Anklet HI-001677 offers superior wicking technology, faster drying time, and overall peak performance compared to past models.

Drirelease fabrics are a patented blend of 85-90% synthetic, hydrophobic (water-repelling) fibers, and 10-15% natural, hydrophilic (water absorbing) fibers. Through the Drirelease engineered fabrics, the TwinSkin Anklet provides superior wicking technology to quickly pull moisture away from the skin towards the outer sock surface, allowing for quick moisture evaporation. The efficient removal of moisture from the skin surface helps prevent blister formation. Further, the overall dry time of Drirelease has proven to be up to four times faster than cotton.

With a soft, natural feel and superior high-performance technology, the TwinSkin Anklet is a great addition to any runner's sock rotation.


  • 25% improved drying rate
  • Double-layer construction
  • Absorbs friction
  • Enhanced moisture transfer from foot to the outer surface
  • Durable heel and toe box fabric
  • Vented upper and arch grip
  • New vented inner sock


58% Polyamide (Nylon), 19% Polyamide (Meryl Sport), 15% Polyester, 4% Cotton, 4% Elastane (LYCRA SPORT)

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