McDavid Elastic Ankle Support

Size Chart

The McDavid Elastic Ankle Support provides mild compressive support without the heat retention of neoprene supports. Sized for optimum fit, the Elastic Ankle supports showcases breathable construction for added comfort and dry performance. The 511 Ankle Support is ideal for firm compression and soft tissue support. Fits Right or Left ankle.

Perfect for baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, running and other fitness activities.


  • 2-way elastic brace
  • Breathable Fabric For Maximum Comfort
  • Firm compression and soft tissue support

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Work great!

The McDavid ankle sleeves arrived one week after order was placed, just as promised. I've started wearing low-top basketball shoes and the support they provide is just enough to keep me focused on my game, not my ankles. Work great!

Did not meet my needs

I purchased these McDavid ankle braces because I wanted black ankle supports in a pull-on elastic style. I am comparing to the similar Ace white supports. These are very soft -- too soft for me. They also go higher up on my legs. It depends on what you're looking for, but these are much closer to a very light compression sock than an actual ankle support. They did not meet my needs, and I thus have gone back to the white Ace ones, which feel a lot more stable. Unless you are only looking for a bit of compression, I cannot recommend these but YMMV depending on what you need.

Provides great support

I've used these McDavid braces on both ankles once or twice a week for about 5 years. The ones I bought are still in great shape. I'm getting a pair for a friend that asked about them. They provide good support (If taping is a 10, these are an 8), slip on easily, are not bulky, and don't overheat like neoprene. $20 for 5 years. 10 seconds to put on. A great deal if you don't want to spend a ton of time and $ on taping.

Good product

good product, supportive for minor ankle pain.

McDavid ankle brace

After spraining my right ankle pretty bad in the beginning of my Sophomore soccer season at Northwestern College, IA, I wanted to prevent any future ankle sprains. However, most ankle braces are so big and bulky, and often make it more difficult to play in. These elastic ankle sleeves are a great way to give you that extra support you need without having to struggle with a big bulky brace. The only thing I've run into with these is that after playing a full 90 minute soccer game the outsides of my feet hurt. I ordered a Small according to the sizing chart provided - I wear a size 8 cleat - so I'm not sure if a bigger size would compensate for this or if its just the fact that they fit tightly around your foot.