McDavid PSII Hinged Knee Brace

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The PSII Hinged Knee Brace from McDavid is a professional quality hinged brace that features two smooth acting, geared polycentric hinges and hyperextension stops. Designed to cushion and protect the knee, the 429 incorporates rubber condyle pads and hyperextension stops that also ensure a superior fit and comfort. A low profile, geared polycentric hinge, and rigid uprights provide additional medial-lateral support.

The McDavid 429 PSII Hinged brace uses state of the art lightweight materials and design including aircraft-grade aluminum gears that accommodate the natural gliding action of the knee. A neoprene sleeve provides therapeutic warmth and a sewn-in patellar buttress aids in patellar tracking. The 3/16" thick neoprene sleeve with nylon facing on both sides and a seamless, breathable, perforated neoprene back panel allows for improved comfort. Adjustable Velcro straps ensure a comfortable, custom fit. Rated McDavid Protection Level 3 for moderate to maximum support. Fits Right or Left Knee.

Perfect for baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, running and other fitness activities.


  • Geared Polycentric Hinge
  • Molded Condyle Pads For Superior Fit And Comfort
  • Rigid Uprights For Additional Medial Lateral Support
  • 3/16 inch Thick, 100% Latex-Free Neoprene Provides Thermal Therapy
  • Reinforced Hinge Pockets For Greater Durability
  • Padded Buttress Relieves Pressure From the Patella
  • Seamless, Breathable Back Panel Provides Improved Comfort
  • 100% Latex-Free Neoprene - Exclusive Of Binding And Straps

Customer Reviews

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Brandy A.
Great Product

I bought the McDavid PS II for my son (39) and he said the support it gives his knee is so great, he feels like he can actually walk further since his injury (torn ligaments) than ever. Great product!!!

Mc K.
Best Brace for the Price

I am almost 70 and have some bone on bone in my left knee. Although I am eligible for a knee replacement, my knee only bothers me on uneven terrain when walking. I wear it mainly while golfing. This brace is the best brace for the price that helps stabilize my knee when walking. I tried the 429X brace and although it might have provided a little more support, it was bulky and less forgiving in the back of the brace when bending my knee.


The McDavid PSII Knee Brace is comfortable and easy to get into. My application for this brace is purely preventative. I'll be forty this summer and I'm an avid wakeboarder. The neoprene and padding of the McDavid PSII Knee Brace is Very comfortable and the geared polycentric hinges and hyperextension stops are rock solid! The best feature of the McDavid PSII Knee Brace is the outstanding price point as compared to the professional sport and ortho- recommended braces which price tags start in the upper hundreds.

Indy T.
Superior to every other brace

I'm 59 with damaged meniscus and cruciate ligaments in both knees. I play senior basketball often three times a week. This is my second set of McDavid PSII Knee Brace and I think they are superior to every other brace that I've worn during years of skiing and basketball. I doubt custom braces costing hundreds of dollars per brace would do any better.