McDavid Versatile Knee Wrap With Stays & Straps

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The McDavid Versatile Knee Wrap With Stays and Straps offers versatile and targeted support for a variety of patella tracking issues and high-level support for medial and lateral stability and injury recovery. Constructed from two-sided nylon for added durability, this knee brace features 1.5mm thick latex-free neoprene wrap, providing therapeutic heat retention, firm compression, and soft tissue support. This Versatile Over Wrap brace is easy and quick support that wraps on instead of pulls on. Want to wear it over pants? Now you can. Fits Right or Left knee.

Perfect for baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, running, and other fitness activities.


  • Injury prevention and recovery greatly enhanced via bilateral polycentric stability hinges
  • Easy, simple, quick wrap-on design, even goes over pants
  • Compression and support in a lightweight, flexible design
  • Versatile compression level and fit preferences due to Over Wrap System
  • Top over wrap manages fit, muscle support and compression
  • Bottom over wrap isolates and stabilizes the patella
  • Engineered top and bottom 360degree stretch/non-stretch integrated adjustable straps assure personalized fit
  • Fits Right or Left Knee