Sockwell Womens Free Ski Medium Compression Knee High Socks

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Whether you're on the mountain to bomb the blacks or cruise the blues and greens, energize your ski day with Sockwell's Free Ski Mediums. Extra padding on the shins, Achilles and footbed help protect your legs where they need it, and Sockwell's graduated compression will invigorate them. Spun with high-performing and good-feeling lambswool/alpaca with great arch support and seamless toe closure, these socks feel as good as they look.

Moderate Compression (15-20 mmHg) will help energize your pace, reduce fatigue and soreness and minimize swelling.


  • 15-20 mmHg Graduated Compression (highest pressure around the ankle, lowest pressure at the top of the calf) draws blood from your low-extremities
  • Medium Cushion
  • Knee High Height
  • Protective Shin Cushion
  • Mesh Breather Panels
  • Virtually Seamless Toe
  • Lambswool/Alpaca yarn lends Thermoregulation, Odor Control
  • Blister-Resistant
  • Turn Welt Top
  • Built-In Arch Support
  • Accu-fit Technology
  • Spandex throughout the sock
  • Made in the USA


45% Merino Wool, 34% Nylon, 15% Alpaca, 6% Spandex

Sock Height

Knee-High Height Sock

Sock Cushion

Medium Cushion Sock

Customer Reviews

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Carol McGarry (Andover, New Hampshire)

The merchandise is superior.

Laura (Fargo, North Dakota)
Hear me out

Ok, hear me out before you judge these socks from what I initially say about them. As a ski sock, I found them to be awful. I had the most painful day of alpine skiing when I decided to try these out as ski socks. They fit my feet fantastically and yet the cushioning on the bottom of them bunches up in ski boots and makes it feel like something hard got into your boot and is poking into your foot and causing all kinds of pain. I had never had foot pain skiing prior to wearing these socks. I do NOT recommend them for skiing! That said, (thanks for sticking with me) they are DIVINE as an AFTER ski sock. And they look cute too. :) On their own, walking around the cabin/hotel room/home they feel great. They're comfortable inside my Uggs too. In fact, I own a few pairs of them because of how comfy they feel--once the ski boots are off. I'm glad, too, because I'm a sucker for any design that reminds me, even a little, of the laces on a pair of ballet pointe shoes.