Stance Mens Hoops American ST Socks

$11.99 $19.99
Color: Red

Basketball has always spilled beyond the court. From the shine of the hardwood floors to the clank of a chain net, the sport holds no official arena. With this in mind, Stance has designed an entire collection that celebrates the game played on and off the court by those who are quick to pick up a game anywhere they can find a net and a ball. American ST Hoops is part of Stance's Strikefull Fusion Hoops collection and features a custom blend of moisture-wicking fibers and a mosaic of seamless mesh panels. Stance's saw tooth cushioning uses an articulated footbed to provide a maximum cushion so you can pivot, rebound, and jump shot like never before.


  • Performance Cushioning
  • Engineered Ankle Protection
  • Performance Arch Support
  • Seamless Toe Closure