Thorlo Hiking Socks - Thick Padding - Khaki KX

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Thorlo Hiking Socks - Thick Padding - Khaki KX

Manufacturer ID: KX
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Thorlos Men's Hiking Thick Padding Sock is constructed with ''Thor-Lon'' acrylic to provide better resilience, added comfort, extra durability and moisture wicking during intense or moderate hiking activities. Don't let the Rockies be a rocky experience. The Thorlo comfort promise guarantees the hike will be just as enjoyable as sitting around the campsite. Made in The U.S.A. Protection Level 3

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Features include:

  • Thick Padding in the Ball and Heel Protects Against Blisters, Shearing, Impact
  • Ventilation Panel Enhances Wicking
  • Lace Pad Protects Top of Foot Against Boot Lace Pressure
  • Made in the USA
  • For the Women's Version (narrower/smaller heel and toe box and increased stretch in the ankle) search KXW
  • 87% Thor-Lon Acrylic, 11% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Manufacturer: Thorlo

Manufacturer ID: KX

SKU: THOKX_904_khaki

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I have worn Thorlos for over 25 years....maybe more than 30 years. I have tried several other brands when I couldn't find Thorlos locally, however no other socks are as comfortable, long-lasting, and affordable. Finding your sock-world website with all the many Thorlo styles made my day.

As an outdoor guide for Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona, Arizona, I wear Thorlo hiking socks year-round in temperatures ranging from 25F to 110F. Though my feet sweat in the intense summer heat, these socks never feel wet. They wick the moisture away from my feet. My shoe's inner sole may be a bit damp, but my feet feel just fine. In winter, even in an open Jeep, my feet feel pleasantly warm.

On 5 day backpacking missions, I have the heavier weight Thorlos that are designed primarily for winter wear. The extra thickness pads my feet under the weight of a 60 lb. pack and provides added warmth in the sleeping bag should I need to sleep with my socks on.

My wife is a Thorlo fan as well. She works outdoors most of the time and puts her socks to even greater extremes. Mud in the boots means mud in the socks, but no worries. Thorlos clean up super well, too.
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So happy that you carry these great socks, could not find these Thorlos anywhere locally to buy. The last pairs lasted 20 years with a lot of backpacking miles on them and happy reliable feet because of them on every journey. I'd hate to have to buy anything else.
Sizing is terrible these socks are too small I have a 91/2-10 these socks would barley fit a size9..the ankle are the elastic is bad the sock will never llast..very disappointed. I have worn Thorlo for years normally a terrific product these are horrible.purchased three pairs..
We LOVE these Thorlo sox, and we wear them instead of slippers around the house, because you can wash them daily. They do wear out on the heel, if you wear them as slippers however. But you can sew the hole up, by pulling the edges together and get another year out of them maybe.

And of course, we wear them to play tennis, hike, walk, and everything else, even under our sandals if the weather is chilly.

The only thing I can suggest is to please have the white sox have other heel and toe colors in addition to the dark blue and black. Think of it if you have to sort them all out in the laundry for an entire family!

You can mark them with an indelible magic marker, or colored thread, but I think my suggestion is better.
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