Thorlo Hiking Socks - Thick Padding - Men's Dark Blue KX

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Thorlo Hiking Socks - Thick Padding - Men's Dark Blue KX

Manufacturer ID: KX
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Thorlos Men's Hiking Thick Padding Sock is constructed with ''Thor-Lon'' acrylic to provide better resilience, added comfort, extra durability and moisture wicking during intense or moderate hiking activities. Don't let the Rockies be a rocky experience. The Thorlo comfort promise guarantees the hike will be just as enjoyable as sitting around the campsite. Made in The U.S.A. Protection Level 3

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Features include:

  • Thick Padding in the Ball and Heel Protects Against Blisters, Shearing, Impact
  • Ventilation Panel Enhances Wicking
  • Lace Pad Protects Top of Foot Against Boot Lace Pressure
  • Made in the USA
  • For the Women's Version (narrower/smaller heel and toe box and increased stretch in the ankle) search KXW
  • 87% Thor-Lon Acrylic, 11% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Manufacturer: Thorlo

Manufacturer ID: KX

SKU: THOKX_886_dbl

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I do a lot of walking every day... Extra padding on these socks goes a long way with me. My experience is that they hold their shape well, but I too have noticed that they are easily snagged... All in all still my go to!
Everyone has different tastes when it comes to socks, but I love the extra padding in the Thorlos. Go Bros service was great! Fast shipping and 20% less total cost than Amazon.
I have wider feet, though not excessively so and have tried quite a few types of socks - in many price ranges - and have a good idea of what I expect from them.

1) Size LARGE over compresses the my toe box, and size X-LARGE doesn't stay up.

2) The interior is not smooth where the padded areas meet the non padded areas. The toe welt is moved to the top of the foot, but still not smooth.

3) These socks snag quickly on the outside.

4) Padding is long loops, which compress and are don't feel smooth.

My favorite socks are imported Crew height Alpaca Wool, though I was hoping for more padding on the heel and metatarsal.

In comparison with these, Smartwool Hike in XL stays up better, has a smoother inside feel, and has nicer padding.

Excellent socks! I hike a lot on weekends (10-16 miles) and need a longer sock with padding since I wear an ankle brace. These were exactly what I needed. I've bought two more pairs since the first ones.
Great socks. Love the thickness and how they comfort my feet.
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