Thorlo Mens Moderate Cushion Health Padds Diabetic OTC Socks HPOM White

Thorlo Mens Moderate Cushion Health Padds Diabetic OTC Socks HPOM White

Manufacturer ID: HPOM
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Thorlo's HPOM moderately padded socks (aptly named PADDS) are clinically proven to reduce foot pain, blisters, foot pressure, and moisture. Thorlo Padds socks are ideal for people with Diabetes, but those not at risk of ulceration. Designed to fit a men's foot, HPOM Heath Padds socks have a low-profile toe seam, and have moderate cushioning underfoot.

Thorlo Over-the-Calf Padds are specially designed with moderate cushioning at the arch, heel and toe for superior fit and protection. Best for people combating foot pain, the HPOM Over-the-Calf sock from Thorlo is clinically proven to protect against injury and pain.

The HPOM Over-the-Calf sock is offered on GoBros in all sizes and colors in production, and proudly made in the USA. Also a great sock option for people with arthritic feet. Wear with properly fitting shoes. Please note, the PADDS line is sometimes referred to as PADS. It is the same product.

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Features include:

  • Men's Sock
  • Specially designed for people with Diabetes (especially those with neuropathy or loss of sensation)
  • Moderate Cushion (Clinically Tested to Reduce Blisters, Pain, Pressure, and Moisture)
  • Over-the-Calf Height
  • Designed for Diabetics whose feet are not at immediate risk of ulceration, or for anyone whose feet hurt
  • Non-Irritating, Cushioned Toe Seam
  • Moisture and friction reduced with exclusive Thor-Lon yarn
  • Padding Cushions foot while reducing blisters, pain and pressure
  • Enhanced fit with uniquely crafted heel construction
  • Comfortable non-restricting cuff top
  • Fiber Content: 84% Thor-Lon Acrylic, 10% Stretch Nylon, 6% Spandex
  • Made in the USA

Manufacturer: Thorlo

Manufacturer ID: HPOM

SKU: THOHPOM_004_wht

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