What are calf compression sleeves for?

What are calf compression sleeves for?

Calf sleeves are typically worn by athletes and exercise enthusiasts, but they can be helpful to anyone who spends time on their feet. Worn over your socks, calf sleeves envelop your calves in a soft, cushy layer that helps to keep your muscles warm. This keeps blood flowing more freely, which reduces the risk of injury. Calf sleeves may also help prevent cramping and can improve performance for activities like running or cycling.

If you're new to calf sleeves, start out with shorter workouts before wearing them during longer sessions. If you have a history of muscle strains or issues with circulation, check with your doctor before using calf compression sleeves.

If you run in colder temperatures or climates, calf compression sleeves may benefit your training. They can also help prevent calf strains or calf re-injuries (especially if you are prone to them).

A benefit of using a calf sleeve versus a OTC compression sock is that they allow for more versatility. Since that are separate, you can choose the sock/sleeve combo that works best for you. You also can potentially launder the sleeve less frequently, saving wear on it.

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