FALKE Mens RU5 Race Invisible Running No Show Socks

Color: Cobalt
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With its' streamlined design, the FALKE RU5 Invisible Running sock is a great fit for runners who like to feel the road. Weaving science and technology into incredibly responsive and protective socks, these no-show runners are designed with left and right foot support and extra-light cushion specific to men's sizing, so your feet will stay cool, dry and blister free whether you're training or racing.


  • Ultra-light cushion sole
  • No-show height
  • Triple-layer fiber structure manages foot temperature and keeps feet dry
  • Left and right cushion design for superior fit and comfort
  • Anatomical arch support and toe box
  • Mesh zones in the instep for maximum cooling
  • Silicone fivers to prevent slipping
  • Pressure point reduction for blister protection

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Comfortable socks. So far seems durable. Good quality.

Nice But Overpriced & Quality Suspect

I’ve owned just about every brand of premium socks you can think of and for the most part am happy to pay the premium price that usually accompanies them. This is especially true of the brands that offer hassle free lifetime warranties. Falke is not one of those brands. For socks at this price I expect some kind of warranty. Even Balega (garbage from my experience) and Bridgedale (also inferior quality) have some sort of warranty albiet different and at their discretion. So for these to not have any kind of confidence and backing of their product at this price is just inexcusable and should show that Falke themselves don’t have much faith in their durability. Mine are still fairly new but I can tell just after wearing a few times they will not last past a few months of regular wear if I’m lucky. The silicone bands that keep them from falling sliding is nice but all they consist of are very small elastic bands grouped together that are already starting to break just after a few times wearing. They are light and comfortable but the durability is a big issue and it’s just not worth paying this much for socks when other brands costs less, offer better quality, and will last considerably longer.