Drymax Triathlete Cycle & Run Double Tab Socks

Color: Anthracite/Orange

The Drymax Triathlete Cycle and Run Double Tab sock is a light-density, multi-purpose sock that is as thin as a cycling sock with all the benefits of a running sock. The proprietary Blister Guard system uses the lowest coefficient of friction fiber, PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). Utilizing low friction PTFE fibers protects triathletes from hot spots, blisters, or chafing during the cycling and running stages of the competition. The dual tab feature allows for the quickest of transitions during T1 (transition 1).

Each Drymax running sock is engineered to provide four benefits: 1) a 3D advanced fit that includes up to five sizes; 2) seamlessly smooth fibers that provide an anti-blister system; 3) cooler feet through the use of breathable mesh and a vented arch band, and 4) fibers that contain MicroZap silver antimicrobial designed to fight odor-causing bacteria. Together, these benefits combine to make Drymax socks the #1 sock to keep feet dry.


  • Flat Seam Toe
  • Y-Heel
  • Arch Band
  • Anti-slip wedge
  • Light Weight Sock Frame
  • Dual-Layer Construction
  • Made in the USA