Sockwell Womens Micro Grade Moderate Compression Knee High Socks

Color: Natural

Graduated Compression and subtle graphic stripes make Sockwell's Micro Grade a fun choice any time. Spun with a yarn blend of fine Merino wool and rayon from bamboo and featuring a non-cushion sole, arch support, and a seamless toe closure, these socks feel as great as they look.

Moderate graduated compression (15-20 mmHG) is designed to improve circulation and reduce moderate swelling.

Why choose Sockwell Compression Socks? Compression on the lower legs effectively encourages blood return from your legs and feet back to your heart which is proven to speed recovery, maximize circulation and reduce fatigue. Four zones of graduated compression help support and revitalize tired muscles, minimize swelling, and reduce fatigue.

Ideal for minor to moderate varicose veins, plantar fasciitis pain, exercise, and recovery, flying and travel, prolonged sitting and standing, and pregnancy.


  • 15-20 mmHg Moderate Graduated Compression (highest pressure around the ankle, lowest pressure at the top of the calf) helps draw blood from your lower extremities
  • Non-cushion sole
  • Knee-high
  • Accu-fit technology for all-day comfort and support
  • Seamless toe closure to minimize irritation and friction
  • Merino and Rayon from Bamboo help keep feet dry and comfortable
  • Turn welt top keeps socks up and gives a clean, finished look
  • Built-in arch support
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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L. (Fargo, ND)
Great thin sock

This is one of Sockwell's styles that I find fit very well into my work shoes. They are very thin due to no cushion so I don't wear them out walking around my home in them. They are worn to work and then taken off. (Occasionally I will wear them in slippers/house shoes in summer if I want a lighter, cooler pair of compression socks during warmer weather, just to give my legs a rest for a few hours.) Nice moderate compression. Nice light feel. Very comfortable. Occasionally I'll see a small area with poor design stitching, but mostly mine have been stitched well. 4.6 stars if I could be that specific.

Great compression socks

They fit well, they are comfortable, and they do the job (i.,e., deliver proper compression). They also look good. However, Sockwell has apparently changed the material and cut/fit of these socks - I was lucky to still find the old style at GoBros (and I bought a fairly large quantity, 13 pairs total, to be exact - maybe I should stock up more). The new style is made with a much stiffer material, and they are uncomfortable, especially around the toe area (my toes actually got bruised!). So try to get the old style with the softer material if you can.

have not received

have not received this item

Plan to Buy More

I decided to try compression sock for swelling in my ankles from arthritis, and I am so glad that I did. These are in fact the most comfortable socks I have ever owned! There is plenty for room in the toes, they fit like a glove, do not bind or pinch anywhere, and do not feel in any way like they are compressing by feet or legs. When I take them off the swelling is pretty much gone. I love these socks and plan to buy more. Love the color too.