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I hate to give 3 stars for Darn Tough, but these socks are way off on sizing. I have many pairs of Darn Toughs, all women's socks. I bought these unisex socks because I wanted no show black socks. I followed the size chart, women's size 9 is small according to the chart, but these socks were huge. I don't have a small foot, and I was told that I probably wouldn't be happy with the x-small either because these are big socks. I'm disappointed that they didn't fit, and that I had to pay shipping costs to return these socks because of a sizing chart that is incorrect. From now on, I'll stick strictly with women's only Darn Toughs.

Best sock ever

Thirty bucks for a pair of socks, have you lost your mind? Well maybe I have, but after the end of a 15 hour work day in the hot humid 90 degree heat of the south and on my feet for the 15 hours, I can take my work boots off and my feet will be dry dry dry. I wont wear any other sock now and they're worth every penny. The only down side to these socks is, you will throw away every other pair of work socks you own.

Perfect wool socks

That's it. They're perfect wool socks. Fit? Warmth? Durability?Quality? All 10/10 and worth every penny spent (between my partner and I, we have about two dozen pair). We're backpackers that used to live on the Sonoran desert, just moved to the Colorado Rockies, they work well in every condition. Buy the thinner ones for summer, heavier for colder conditions.

I've tried half a dozen other brands of wool socks, and they work well, but these? These are perfect wool socks:)


I feel American as heck in theses bad boys. These socks give you bald eagles wings and why shouldn’t they, they are made in the USA baby. Strap these socks on and enjoy the sweet smell of freedom as you soar above the clouds dropping red, white, and blue turds on your enemies below. But for real darn tough socks are the best and you can’t go wrong with these.

Best Socks ever - hands-down.

Thank you for taking on this effort, Darn Tough. I love that you are dedicated to making the best socks and I am so happy that I've discovered you. You have a new life time customer. As advertised - these are the best socks I've ever been privileged to wear.

Excellent socks

I love these socks! I only buy these and the Mountaineering OTC socks. I won't buy anything else anymore. I own a few pair of Cabela's OTC and although they are comfortable they aren't as good as these. The Darn Tough Tactical and Mountaineering OTC socks are very comfortable and fit right below the knee where they are supposed to go. They are snug and don't slip down during the day. Highly recommended.

More than the name applies

I take some harsh medicines and if I don't care of my feet can lead to having sores on them, and I had them and didn’t want them again. I was told to keep my feet dry and wear cushioned sock. I found out wool was still the best product for this. I had ordered some other brands from different places, and then I found GOBROS great prices and free shipping! I talked with customer service there, always very friendly, and I ordered my first pair, 3 pair to tell the truth, in Oct 2017. As soon as I put them on it was like wow these are different, soft, cushioned, nice fit, I wear XL, seamless, and just felt great. Over the past few years, I have ordered more of them and own several pair and are my daily socks, and have had not problems with them. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with these socks.

Awesome socks

The wool used in these DT socks are long wool fibers=better. I always notice they are longer when I turn them inside out to launder & compare to other merino wool socks I have. I love my Darn Tough 1/4 hikers. They are medium weight along the bottom & light weight on the top which is great for breathability in the heat, but yet it’s still fairly warm in the cold. Don’t put them in the dryer otherwise they will pill, like all DT wool socks. Air dry them & they won’t pill. I want to see DT make a line of socks exactly like this but full medium weight cushioning through out whole sock @ 75% merino wool in 1/4, 3/4, crew & better colors like solid black, navy, orange & black.

Love these socks for women,

Love these socks for women, so urging my husband to wear them too. Sizing for his ran small. So the medium (which is sock size he usually would wear) that I first bought are in the drawer unfortunately. Then purchased large and they fit good. His shoe size is 8.5-9 so medium should have fit but were tight.

Amazing quality and worth every penny

By far the best socks I've ever owned. I have about 8 pairs which is a little expensive, but obviously I'm fine with the price because I've purchased 8 pairs. They are simply the best so I don't look at other brands I only ever buy Darn Tough. I think they also have a lifetime guarantee which is amazing but after 2 years of having my socks I have yet to need a warranty claim. I usually where these socks while hiking or wearing work boots so I'm generally pretty tough on socks and these hold up great and feel amazing. It's funny because you wouldn't think socks are that big of a deal until you buy good socks and then totally understand why they are worth it.

good, not the cushiest, shrink easily

Good socks, not as cushy or thick as I was expecting for the cushiest option the company offers. I have other socks much thicker, but these are nice anyway, comfortable. Haven't had a chance to try them in winter yet. I sometimes wear two wool socks around here so... I'm not sure these will do the trick by themselves anyway, though they're supposedly the warmest Darn Tough offers. The Pacific NW wet cold is a beast. Other wool socks I have don't shrink in the dryer, but these ones do, I have to be careful to pick them out, one pair shrunk significantly the first time I dried them. I wore them and they stretched back out alright, but that doesn't help with longevity. I almost wished I would have gotten one size up so I could put them in the dryer but oh well. Thank you for socks.

Wildland fire fighter love em

Wildland fire fighter love em gobro has the best deals

Go-to Dress Socks

These are now my go-to daily dress sock. Comfortable until the end of the day. My feet sometimes get itchy with wool socks, not with these. And with the Darn Tough guarantee I am looking forward to years of service.

Not sufficient padding

I walk a few miles a day using my Thorlo walking socks. The padding is not sufficient in protecting my feet as its advertisement claims because my feet hurt at the end of the day. I will exchange them for a pair with more padding in the heel and soul, perhaps the running socks recommended by the Thorlo customer service representative today.

Balega Hidden Comfort No Show Socks
M.H. (Fishersville, VA)
Most comfortable socks ever!

I just happened to get some of these socks in a store and they have been my favorite socks ever! They are so perfectly comfortable for running, working out, or just wearing around the house!

Not great service

I returned some socks as I had ordered the wrong size asking for an exchange. After several weeks of not hearing from the company I contacted them for a status. My records from the mailing service indicated they had received my return. Once I contacted them they decided to look into it and found they did in fact have my return and then processed my exchange. I wonder what they would have done if I hadn't contacted them and kept my return receipt?

Top tier sock. Top tier company. Top tier customer service.

I have been an outdoorsman for the nearly half century of my life. My first camping trip was a week+ long when I was 3 weeks old. I served in the military. Post-military I served our country for years on a tactical unit where carrying loads of equipment and heavy packs is the norm. I also (very unfortunately) have extremely blister prone feet that have led to intense suffering while going through various high-stress selection courses and operations throughout my adult life. This has led me to become a sock connoisseur. Darn Tough Socks are the best I've ever tried, and I've tried dozens of different sock types from multiple high quality brands. Perfectly cushioned, while not being so bulky as to give you a feeling of instability. And they don't wear out like other socks when carrying 100+ pound packs off trail in rugged terrain. They last much better than all the competitor socks I've tried. I just utilized the newly purchased from GoBros Hiker Boot Full Cushion Men's Socks on an elk hunt in the Rocky Mountains. I'm old and broken now and don't get to train like years gone by so my feet are a major concern since I'm not constantly carrying heavy weight over rugged terrain any more. The Darn Tough Socks did their job, as I knew they would. Warm, but not too warm. And zero problems with my blister-prone feet. This is not even mentioning that GoBros had the socks at an excellent price. And further, when there was a small issue with my order, when I called in to ask about how to return things they told me to not worry about it since it had been their mistake and to just keep what had been erroneously sent. Top tier sock. Top tier company. Top tier customer service.

Inconsistent sizing

I find Darn Tough socks to be great, but sizing is inconsistent. I ordered 2 pair of hiking socks in size small (I wear a size 7 shoe) and they were way too small, so I sent them back for size medium, which fit perfectly. These mountaineering socks looked great for winter. The size medium that I ordered is way too large for me. It is frustrating to pay for return shipping. I am afraid to order more Darn Tough socks even though I would love another pair. I would suggest anyone right between sizes order the smaller size for these mountaineering socks.

Thanks Darn Tough and Go Bros

I LOVE Darn Tough socks! They are so well made, so beautiful, and, well, so Darn Tough. My feet are rarely in any other sock. After every 8hr shift of being a cable guy, I get home and I am STILL wearing them. They're like a second skin but better. I have about 10-12 pairs of Darn Toughs(that's about over $200) and I will keep adding. They're MORE than worth the money. And everytime I purchase from Go Bros, the transaction is seamless and the price is right. Thanks Darn Tough and thanks Go Bros

Gorgeous socks

I purchased these socks for myself because I loved the design. I have a size 7.5 foot and the L fit well. The colors are muted compared to the neon green in the photo. They have less cushioning than the regular Darn Tough hiking socks, closer to their light cushion. In the past, I requested that this design be made for adults...I second that request!

Farm to Feet Denali Extra Heavy Weight Mountaineering Socks 9748 Wooly Blue

Very soft,warm enough and perfect for cold days.I wish they had other colors.

Great Mittens

These are great mittens. I have had FR socks, so I trust their quality and durability. I measured my hand (not that I needed to, my hands are large) and they are within the measurements listed for the Lg. size, but they are just a little snug to put on. They fit inside my leather mittens nicely. For my own tastes, I would have liked a little more cuff length, but that is more preference than critique.

Well constructed

First off these are very well constructed socks but I would like to know where the "extra cushion" is that they are claiming exists. They are not very comfortable walking long distances if you are looking for extra cushioning under the strike areas of your foot. The Darn Tough mountaineering and smart wool hiking and trekking socks provide much more cushioning in my opinion.

New favorite socks

These are my new favorite socks. Expensive, but they have a lifetime warranty if anything happens to them. I just have to make sure I don't lose them. The boot cushion really helps when you work long days, and the merino wool which is anti-microbial gives me a solid 2 days without needing to wash them. I recommend these Darn Tough socks even if you plan to use them with sneakers, as the cushion isn't annoying or too much at all. They keep my feet warm when I'm unloading a truck in the winter, and they also keep my feet cool throughout the day when I'm on the retail floor. Very happy with them.

Wigwam wool

For a sock called "40 below", I would have expected a little heavier sock. These are relatively light weight - about the same as any off-the-shelf wool sock. It does have a nice deep pile to it, and is somewhat warm when dry, but it gets cold pretty quick once it absorbs some sweat.