Thorlo Size Chart

Please use your shoe size to find the perfect Thorlo for you!

Unisex Sizing
Sock Size Thorlo Size Youth Shoe Women Shoe Men Shoe
Small 9 2-4 4-6
Medium 11 6.5-10 5.5-8.5
Large 13 10.5-13 9-12.5
X-Large 15 13-15

Care: Thorlo's should be laundered and dried inside out to 'fluff' the terry padding and achieve maximum cushioning after each wearing.

Use the warm or cold water setting on your washing machine, and use permanent press or gentle cycle to dry.

To receive full benefit of the Thorlo product design, they strongly recommend using liquid fabric softener in the rinse cycle. This is vital to extend product wear. Fabric softener lubricates both the fibers and the elastic, keeping them flexible and allowing them to stretch as designed. It also helps to maintain correct sizing, stretch and durability. Fabric softener sheets in the dryer are NOT a substitute for using liquid fabric softener, although they do help to reduce static in the dryer.

Line drying is not recommended, as it can contribute to the premature breakdown of the elastic core. They advise that you tumble dry your Thorlo socks on permanent press or low heat dryer settings. High dryer temperatures can cause shrinkage and spandex breakdown. The tumbling process in the dryer helps restore the fiber loft and 'reinvigorates' the terry padding for maximum protection.