Drymax Trail Running Crew Socks

Color: Gray/Black

The All-New Drymax Trail Running socks are true to their storied trail heritage, combining the tried-and-true Drymax Dual Layer Sweat Removal System with sturdy construction for the toughest of conditions. This sock is a beefed-up version of the Lite Trail sock. Advancements of Drymax's knitting techniques have resulted in the Trail Running sock feeling even softer and yet more durable. Denser yarns and a seamless foot and toe envelop the foot in comfort and security. The 1/4 Crew features Drymax's protective double knit leg to reduce debris entering the shoe, while the Turn Down leg feature makes for a cooler run on a hot day.

These Drymax socks are engineered to provide three benefits: 1) a 3D advanced fit that includes up to five sizes; 2) seamlessly smooth fibers that provide an anti-blister system, and 3) fibers that contain MicroZap silver antimicrobial designed to fight odor-causing bacteria. Together, these benefits combine to make Drymax socks the #1 sock to keep feet dry.


  • Flat Seam Toe
  • Y-Heel
  • Arch Band
  • Turn Down Feature
  • Medium Weight Sock Frame
  • Dual-Layer Construction
  • Made in the USA