Falke RU4 Short Womens Running Quarter Socks

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Falke's RU4 Short Women's socks with medium-strength cushioning are genuine all-rounders, providing balanced protection, medium shock absorption, and good contact with the shoe. Additional silicone fibers on the inside of the socks prevent them from slipping, and an extra heel cushioning bar prevents friction and blisters. The rapid moisture wicking and optimized shape of these socks ensure comfortable, stress-free wear while jogging.


  • Protects against blisters by reducing pressure points thanks to optimum fit using patented right and left toe box
  • Protects against blisters by rapidly transporting moisture thanks to a special three-layered design of functional natural fibers
  • Allrounder in comfort and shoe contact with medium cushioning


45% Polyester, 35% Cotton, 20% Polyamide

Sock Height

Micro Crew Sock

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Medium Cushion Sock