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Losing socks is inevitable. A study commissioned by Samsung in 2016 predicts people will lose an average of 1,264 socks to the laundry in their lifetime. With the GoBros garment wash bag, you'll no longer have to worry about socks mysteriously going missing in the laundry.

Once you place all your socks in the bag, simply close it and throw it in the wash and/or dryer. While its thin mesh fabric allows water, detergent, and warm air inside, its zippered closure will ensure your socks stay put. Your socks will be clean -and you won't lose any mates in the process. This medium-sized bag is also great for simplifying travel organization. Plus, paired with each brand's recommended care instructions, our garment wash bag can also help extend the life of your socks.

50% of the net profits of this garment wash bag will benefit Urban Ventures, a Minneapolis-based non-profit focused on preparing and sending under-served youth to college or postsecondary school. Here's more about their mission from their CEO, Dave Hawn: "For 25 years, we have worked to break the cycle of poverty in south Minneapolis. Our community deserves to realize the change it seeks; our region's economy demands it. Everything we do at Urban Ventures centers around one big and audacious goal - to prepare and send every child in our neighborhood to college or some form of postsecondary education. This empowerment - through education - is at the heart of our mission."


  • Dimensions: 15.5" L x 11" W
  • Water Penetrable
  • Non-stick zipper for easy open and close
  • Hypoallergenic, Stain-Remover, Residue-Free
  • Unscented
  • Non-Toxic, phosphate-free
  • Can be used for hand washing or machine washing on a gentle cycle

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews


C.S.P. (New York, NY)
Not just for socks!

Top quality -
Useful to keep all sorts of items from getting snagged in the wash

T. (New London, NH)
Bag It!

Good quality, inexpensive garment & sock wash bag. Very usefulπŸ‘

A.S. (Saint Augustine, FL)

The sock bag is very well made and holds quite a bit. All of my socks from Go Bros have been great. Thanks

E.C. (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Great quality!

Love all the purchases! Great quality and great service! Thank you!