Hestra Falt Guide Gloves

Color: Brown/Black

Join the likes of the majority of outdoor professions with the Hestra Falt Guide Gloves. Named after Lars Falt, the Survival School for the Swedish Armed Forces founder and wilderness survival expert himself, these gloves will keep you warm, dry, and protected in some of the harshest winter conditions.


  • Outer Material:
    • Cowhide Backhand - Durable, flexible, and winter-proofed
    • Army Goat Leather Grip -Durable and winter-proofed
  • Lining:
    • Attached Lining:
      • Wool Pile - a soft and comfortable wool blend that holds onto air to keep your hands warm
      • Wool Terry - A knitted material with curly fibers and terry loops that bind large amounts of air for added warmth
    • Removable Lining:
      • The Hestra Wool Pile/Terry Liner 5-finger (34270) is included with purchasing the Hestra Falt Guide Gloves.
      • The Monoknit Merino Liners (34450) are also compatible with these gloves
  • Details:
    • Attachments for handcuffs
    • Carabiner included
    • Elastic at wrist
    • Outseams
    • Removable Lining

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