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OS1st Wide Wellness Performance No Show Socks

Color: Black

OS1st revolutionized diabetic and comfort foot care with the debut of nano-bamboo charcoal, seamless, non-binding, cushioned WP4 Wellness Performance Socks for sensitive feet. Now, the same sock is available with 50% more stretch for an extra-wide fit.

The extra-wide WP4 Wellness Performance Socks feature four zones of compression from light compression at the seamless toes and ankle for comfort to moderate compression at the arch for support and superior fit. The special contoured, nano-bamboo charcoal fibers create a cushioned footbed and heel areas to provide extra protection all while still being non-constricting.

OS1st WP4 socks are built to target specific conditions such as diabetes, sensitive feet, edema, and neuropathy. OS1st's seamless technology featuring non-binding comfort is the perfect accessory for your feet. The mid-foot arch support structure allows your feet the additional stability needed to keep moving and stay moving longer.

Ideal for: Diabetes, Circulation Support, Sensitive Feet, Edema, and Neuropathy


  • No Show Height
  • Extra padding in the toe and heel to help reduce pain and friction
  • Seamless construction
  • Non-binding comfort
  • Shaped-to-fit design
  • Light Gradient Compression
  • Contoured Padding
  • Mid-foot/Arch Support Structure
  • Left/Right Design for the Perfect Fit
  • Y-Gore heel
  • Lifestyle and ultra comfort

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