Point6 37.5 Hiking Light Mini Crew Socks

Color: Gray

Maximize evaporation and accelerate dry time for unmatched comfort and performance with these hiking socks from Point6 with 37.5 Technology. 37.5 active particles supercharge wool's natural abilities by attracting moisture while still in vapor form, before it becomes a sweat droplet. Stay drier longer, increase athletic output, and improve microclimate comfort with this light cushion, mini-crew sock. The best wool socks ever just got better. 2 1/2'' cuff.

Better Durability: Point6 was one of the first companies to use 100% compact spun Merino wool in their products. The compact spinning process creates a Merino wool yarn 25% more durable than a traditional ring spun yarn. This creates a longer, smoother, less bulky thread with virtually no pilling.

Better Fit: Point6 features a deep heel pocket which helps to prevent movement around the heel. Each product features an ultra-smooth toe closure which prevents toe irritation. Point6 design features a cross stretch that wraps around the foot and leg to help keep socks to stay up, without impairing circulation.

More Comfort: Point6 products feature ventilation panels to improve breathability and temperature regulation.


  • Mini Crew Height, 2 1/2" Cuff
  • Light Cushion Under Foot
  • 37.5 Technology
  • 100% Compact Spun Yarns for Better Durability
  • Deep Heel Pocket and Exceptional Cross Stretch for a Better Fit
  • Seamless Toe Closure
  • Ventilation Panels for Temperature Regulation

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Comfortable, feet don't sweat, wicks

Comfortable, feet don't sweat, wicks any moisture, launder well